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VIBRA Offers Crypto Enthusiasts the Opportunity to Earn Up To $100 per Class Teaching Crypto

Updated: Jan 16, 2023

Here is how you can teach and earn with #VIBRAinClass

The largest barrier to entry for cryptocurrency in Nigeria, and Africa at large, is education and VIBRA Africa is about to change that. At VIBRA, we are committed to spreading knowledge about cryptocurrency through our blog posts, social media, AMA sessions and Telegram crypto community. We are taking it a step further with #VIBRAinClass and you can be a part of this while making money along the way.

#VIBRAinClass is an initiative to encourage communal learning by enabling cryptocurrency enthusiasts and community leaders to earn while educating the vibrant masses in Africa on the disruptive potential of blockchain technology & cryptocurrency. Because the mission of VIBRA is to help Africans take charge of their finances, #VIBRAinClass is poised at simplifying digital money on blockchain technology to the understanding of everyone in Africa. Making it easy for every Nigerian and eventually African to be able to grasp the concept of cryptocurrency and manage their own investments.

Why Should I Be a #VIBRAinClass Tutor?

There are numerous benefits to becoming a tutor on #VIBRAinClass, this is especially beneficial to creators or upcoming thought leaders who do not have a solid platform yet or are not monetized yet.

  • Become a crypto thought leader and build a following and audience in our in-app community.

  • Earn up to $100 per class as a reward for sharing your knowledge.

  • Get recognition as a VIBRA associate partner

  • Learn more about cryptocurrency in the process.

How Do I Become a #VIBRAinClass Tutor? To get started, VIBRA needs to ensure that you have sufficient knowledge about digital money, blockchain and cryptocurrency. Therefore, potential tutors are required to take a tutor assessment and score at least 95% to qualify. Register here.

Terms and Conditions

  • All tutors must have a fully active VIBRA account with KYC.

  • Upon approval, tutors are required to watch training videos and carefully study the onboarding materials.

  • Tutors are allowed a maximum of two classes per month.

  • Submission guidelines must be fully adhered to when creating a class.

  • VIBRA reserves the right to cancel or amend guidelines at our sole discretion.

  • VIBRA reserves the right to disqualify any participant exhibiting signs of fraudulent behaviour immediately.

VIBRA is positioned to become the easiest and safest way for peer-to-peer in Africa, starting with Nigeria. For more insights on how we plan to do this, follow our medium page and social media channels.

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