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How to Get and Use a VIBRA Card

Working Location: Ghana

Introducing the revolutionary VIBRA Card, a universal solution that empowers individuals worldwide to seamlessly convert and utilize cryptocurrencies across a vast network of online and physical stores. Are you eager to explore the limitless possibilities offered by the VIBRA Card? Follow these simple steps to unlock its full potential:

Step 1. Sign up and create an account:

For those who are yet to open a VIBRA account, sign up and create an account here for Android and here for iPhone. Then provide your personal details for verification purposes.

Step 2. Fund your account:

Once your account is set up, fund it with cryptocurrency. This can be done through P2P or direct deposit. To deposit using P2P you can use Instant buy or trade direct with our merchants, to do this P2P>Merchant with preferred rate>Enter amount>Copy Merchant account number and send the exact amount for direct deposit; Wallet>Crypto you want to deposit>Copy address.

Step 3. Request a virtual card:

After funding your account, request a virtual card. This can usually be done on our app using the following quick steps; after opening your VIBRA app, on the homepage Card>Apply for a virtual card>Fill the form. Your card will be issued instantly.

Step 4. Receive the virtual card details:

After your virtual card is issued, you will receive its details such as the card number, expiration date, and CVV code. 

Step 5. Use the virtual card:

You can then use your virtual card to make online purchases or wherever a traditional credit card is accepted. Simply input the card details when prompted during the payment process.

Step 6. Monitor your transactions:

Keep an eye on your transactions and ensure that they are accurate. 

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  • The activation of virtual cards is not necessary. Once users have topped off their virtual cards using the VIBRA App, they can immediately use them to make purchases online. 

  • Virtual cards cannot be used for POS or ATM transactions's spot wallet.

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