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Cryptocurrency Adoption In Africa
Cryptocurrency adoption rates in Africa have seen record-breaking growth in recent times, a few of these factors could be contributing to this growth.
Vibra to reward the most VIBRAnt Social Community Contributor with 100 USDT
Our goal is to empower Africans to take charge of their finances.
  • Who is VIBRA?
    VIBRA is a simple, all-in-one crypto investment app for Africans, it’s a user-friendly platform for both newbies and crypto enthusiasts. This crypto investment app has a wide variety of functions like OTC buy & sell, trading, as well as a community that empowers Africans to control their future wealth. VIBRA offers an easy way for beginners to learn, and make trades with a community of experts, which enables Africans to effortlessly go from zero to crypto master.
  • How to verify and upgrade VIBRA account
    There are three verification levels. Each level solves a limitation problem that unlocks the best of VIBRA. Level I : Verify your phone number, to be able to make Crypto purchases. · Tap the Accounts tab from the app homepage · Click Profile · Tap Phone Number and enter your mobile number to proceed Level II : Verify your BVN/NIN details, to enable you make Crypto/Cash withdrawals. · Tap the Accounts tab from the app homepage · Click Identity Verification · Tap Next level verification · Enter your appropriate BVN/NIN details and click Submit Level III : Verify your local bank details by adding a bank account number in your VIBRA registered name. This allows for Cash transactions and gives you access to our P2P trading platform. · Tap Next level verification · Enter your bank account details
  • Account login issues
    Tap on the reset password button on the VIBRA app login page to reset your VIBRA account password or reach out to us for prompt assistance at · Open the VIBRA app to the login page · Tap on the Forgot password button below · Enter your VIBRA registered email address in the first box · Tap send button in the second box · A password reset link will be sent to you to enter into the second box · Click Next This didn't solve your issue? Please reach out to us for prompt assistance at
  • Other issues
    Please reach out to us for prompt assistance at
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