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Guide on How to Use VIBRA VB Points

If you've been using VIBRA products lately, you've probably noticed that you occasionally get awarded some VB points. However, if you're unsure of their functions or how to use them, the following are the standard procedures:

Use VB to Pay Your Trading Fee

Activate your VB for paying spot trade trading fees by following the instructions shown in the steps below.

Step1: Open Your VIBRA app and Go to Wallet

When you open your VIBRA app, on the homepage tap the wallet icon at the bottom-right as seen in the image below.

Step 2: Activate Your VB Points

At the top of the wallet page, you will find some VB points there. Tap the View, you will see Auto Spend V+ for the offset trade fee (as shown below). Toggle the button and your trading fees will be deducted from your VB.

Fun Facts: The more trades you take, the more free trades you get as you are paid more VBs for each trade

While we are working to increase VB use cases, use the links below to join our social media channels for more updates.

Important links;

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