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VIBRA Airdrop: A Breakdown of How VB Points are Earned

Updated: Jun 23, 2023

There’s no free meal, but in this case, we can call it “free crypto” since the plan is to reward you for doing things you are used to doing.

We present various ways anyone can begin to earn VB with little or no investment.

As we shared last few weeks, VIBRA points are in discussion and we explained

1. Refer and Earn

To earn using the refer and earn method, all you have to do is share your unique referral code or link to your friends. For each person you refer, you will earn;

  1. 10 VB if your referer passes KYC L1

  2. 100 VB if they pass KYC L2

  3. 200 VB if they pass KYC L3

The higher the level your referrers pass, the more your reward.

2. Trading

Trading just got a lot better, as you trade you earn from your trading returns and additional VB points. To earn;

  1. Trade 10 USDT to earn 10 VB

  2. Trade greater than or equal to 100 USDT and get 100 VB

  3. P2P buy or sell of 10 USDT earns you 10 VB

  4. P2P buying or selling 100 USDT or more gets you 100 VB

3. VIBRA Virtual Card

For getting and using the VIBRA virtual card, you will get rewarded with VB in the following way.

  1. Card creation earns you 10 VB

  2. Card Funding of 100 USDT or more earns you 100 VB

4. VIBRA Campaign

For joining any of VIBRA's campaigns online or offline we will reward you with 100 VB if you can show proof of attendance. Not only that if you can retweet and tag 3 friends on the tweet announcing the campaign, we will bombard you with an additional 100 VB

It's VB galore! If you have not yet signed up click here to register and enjoy this amazing offer while it lasts.

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