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Buy and sell crypto securely and with ease(P2P)

Buy and sell crypto securely and with ease (P2P)

Trade popular coins/tokens: Vibra wallet has the most popular coins lusted for your trade convenience, coins are chosen for listing after very careful considerations and checks.


Fast deposit and withdrawals: our commitment is to make sure you feel the conveyance of how payments should be, and we are good at that.

secure wallet

Secure Wallet

Coins/tokens on Vibra are protected with the top security algorithms and encryption, to ensure safety of all deposits. All withdrawals go through a series of authentication checks to be sure they are not malicious activities.

Save and earn
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Save and earn

Save: we know how important it is to save for rain, hence we have a product tailored just for you. save and earn up to 4%APY.

Crypto APP for everyday people


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