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VIBRA Ends Year 2021 on a High Note

Updated: Jan 16, 2023

Our 2021 Year-in-Review

Can you believe another New Year is just around the corner? We concluded 2020 in what felt like a flash, and here we are again, scribbling our ink on the last page of the year 2021. The year of the crypto rage — where the global crypto market value surpassed $3 trillion. NFTs and Metaverse boomed! We have been to the moon and back. What a Year!

With the COVID-19 pandemic still rampaging over the world, little may appear to have changed. And as the world continues to adjust to the ‘new normal’ we have found that there is resilience and strength in togetherness. The year 2021 demonstrated humanity’s determination to succeed under any condition, and it’s been quite a year for us at VIBRA.

We launched VIBRA this year with a mission to provide a safe and secure platform for Nigerians to take control of their wealth through cryptocurrency trading and investing; we are really appreciative of your amazing support.

VIBRA was created with the indomitable spirit of Nigeria in mind, offering a user-friendly interface with a secure platform where you can trade P2P with verified merchants.

In 2021, we accomplished numerous feats:

  • We presently have over 25,000+ downloads across both Android and iOS devices.

  • In less than three months, our social community grew to over 12,000 members.

  • VIBRA Telegram community boasts about 4,000 members

  • Additionally, we raised a $6 million pre-seed investment to accelerate the adoption of cryptocurrency in Africa.

In return, we have been giving back consistently to the community. A total of 1000+ USDT has been distributed amongst new and existing users since the launch.

In November, Kelvin Imoloame, a civil servant, was the winner of the ‘VIBRA Sponsored Lucky Draw’ at the Cyclers Concert Benin, becoming 500 USDT richer in an instant. Several winners of free prizes have also emerged during our weekly AMA sessions where we answer all questions about the VIBRA app and the cryptocurrency world in general.

There are also ongoing promotions and additional prizes to be won, such as the VIBRA Christmas Trading Raffle Draw, which has a ₦ 600,000 prize pool and will award ₦5000 to new and existing users who purchase a minimum of 11 USDT.

VIBRA Offers Numerous Partnership Benefits such as:

VIBRAin Tutor Class: #VIBRAinClass is an academy initiative dedicated to spreading knowledge of cryptocurrency while earning as a tutor. Are you capable of coordinating cryptocurrency classes? Sign up here to earn up to ₦ 200,000 monthly.

VIBRANT Stars: These are the vibrant personalities keeping VIBRA social and our other communities alive. VIBRAnt stars are not just partners, but the heart and spirit of the VIBRA community. Passionate volunteers who go out of their way to help new members with the knowledge they have and benefit from the VIBRAnt stars incentive programme. Join this VIBRAnt club by clicking here-.

Merchant Exclusivity: To guarantee VIBRA stays a scam-free zone, our merchants undergo a streamlined verification process. Only verified merchants can place buy and sell ads — an exclusive right that gives you the edge to set trades on VIBRA. To become a VIBRA merchant, complete the account verification process on the app and submit a request.

More To Come…

As we usher in 2022, VIBRA has so much more in store for you. We will roll out more features for crypto trading to intensify our support for the dreams of Nigerians, promoting the mass adoption of cryptocurrency in Africa at large and giving them the best platform to take charge of their wealth.

Thank you for being a part of our success in 2021.

Let us continue to break the bounds together in 2022!

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