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Are you an enthusiastic crypto user who is eager to share your knowledge about cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology? Have you been leveraging your social media space to discuss crypto? Here is a hoooooge chance for you at VIBRA!

We are launching the Vibra Africa Ambassador Program for you and your audience, giving you the opportunity to enhance your crypto expertise, establish your voice in the crypto space, and get valuable rewards in return.

To apply for the Vibra Africa Ambassador Program click this link ( To understand the basics of VAAP, continue reading Who is a VIBRA Africa Ambassador?

As a VIBRA Africa Ambassador;

  • You are critical to the growth of our online and offline community.

  • Inspire engagement through conversations, articles, campaigns, and events.

  • Actively pay attention and share real-time developments and insights from your regional community with us, to help Vibra grow to be locally relevant.

By becoming a VIBRA Africa Ambassador, you agree to be our representative and promote VIBRA products across social media platforms and offline events.

Who’s Eligible to Become a VIBRA Africa Ambassador?

  • You’re a crypto enthusiast, a leading voice, an influencer, or an expert in the crypto industry.

  • You have superb communication skills and you’re not afraid to get on stage.

  • You are an existing community leader or influencer and can promote VIBRA within your group.

  • You are a marketer and content creator, familiar with the African digital consumer market

  • You are a student interested in blockchain, and you want to gain hands-on knowledge of crypto markets and the blockchain space.

  • If you are not crypto-savvy but love to network and inform a large audience.

Do you possess any of the above qualities? Then you are the one we are looking for.

Benefits of Becoming a Vibra Ambassador The VIBRA Ambassador Program has huge benefits, including financial gains and career projection.

You can earn up to $600 USDT monthly as a Vibra Ambassador.

The VAAP reward is ranked into 4 categories. Each category comes with its own special responsibilities and corresponding benefits. With more responsibility comes bigger rewards. Hence, the higher your VAP rank, the bigger your reward.

Details of VAAP benefits will be shared when you click on this link to get on board. With VIBRA “you are always in charge”.

Please apply here (


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