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Become a VB STAR: Earn Lifetime Rewards

This is a paid volunteer scheme powered by VIBRA; share VIBRA with friends and family to earn unlimited referral bonuses.

VIBRA Affiliate Program –VB STAR was created to recognize crypto enthusiasts who believe in the potential of cryptocurrency and are ready to contribute towards its mainstream adoption. VIBRA wants you to be a part of a connected world of winners, building a community where your friends and family can also benefit from the crypto revolution. Being a VB Star is one of the numerous ways to become a VIBRA Affiliate.

Winning alone is not enough, and in this crypto space, winning together is more fulfilling.

Who are the VB Stars?

VB Stars are an active group of VIBRA promoters who are dedicated to referring new users, volunteering to assist new members, and supporting VIBRA campaigns to promote the VIBRA ecosystem. VIBRA believes that having a welcoming community that is always ready to help new users will be one of the driving forces of cryptocurrency adoption in Nigeria and by expansion, Africa. This is why, as our most active and VIBRAnt users, we want to reward you.

Benefits of Being a VB Star

As a member of this elite club, you can earn a variety of benefits. To begin, a VB Star is recognized as a VIBRA Affiliate and so receives specific perks designed to recognize their commitment. VB Stars will get access to unique tasks and reward programs throughout the year that will encourage them to promote VIBRA and get paid.

🚀Referral Program A major benefit is the VB Referral Program which is exclusive to VB Stars only. As a VB Star, you earn free crypto when you recommend VIBRA to friends and guide them through the sign-up process.

How You Can Become a VB Star

The first step is to complete the registration form here: and then join the VB Star group on Telegram — the link is included in the registration form

Registered VB Stars can share their referral link with friends and contacts to earn a commission when these new users complete verification on VIBRA. Get your referral code on the VIBRA app.

Referral Program Structure:

  • As a VB star, you need to ensure that new users who register with your unique code become a ‘qualified referral

  • Qualified referrals are new users who sign up with your referral code and complete verification up to KYC level 2.

  • VB Star payments are made weekly (on Mondays).

  • Referral bonuses are paid only for new accounts that are ‘qualified referrals’

TERMS & CONDITIONS: 1. This program is only available to exist VIBRA users who are duly registered VB stars 2. Only referral activity completed using referral code counts during collations 3. Each referral is rewarded only if it can be classified as a ‘Qualified Referral’ 4. The program ‘pay-out and referral qualification system’ is automated thus, it is devoid of any human interference. 5. VIBRA reserves the right to modify the terms of the program, at any time. 6. In any event of a dispute regarding a user’s membership in this paid volunteer scheme, VIBRA has the upper hand and final decision-making authority.

As a VIBRAnt Star, you are highly enthusiastic about the VIBRA community, ready to help new users and always engage with our content within and outside the VIBRA ecosystem. If this sounds like you and you are interested in this opportunity, submit your application by filling out the VB Star form, join the Telegram group, share your referral link and you begin to earn.

More referrals, More wins…

Take Charge With VIBRA!

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