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Updated: Jan 25, 2023

Introducing Vibra sends— the revolutionary new way to send and receive cryptocurrency with ease and without any fees! With VIBRA SEND, you can quickly and securely send and receive money to and from anyone, anywhere in the world, without having to worry about high transaction fees or complicated processes. Whether you're a seasoned crypto user or not, Vibra send makes it easy for you to send money globally at no extra cost. How to Use VIBRA Send With Vibra Send you can send money to one another using an email address or phone number. This seamless way of transferring money can ensure the safety and timely delivery of digital assets between one VIBRA user and another. Step 1: Open Your VIBRA Wallet

Once you open your VIBRA app, on the homepage, you will see an icon labelled "Send" or go to your here tab and tap Send. As in the screenshot below. If you don't have a Vibra Wallet, click here to download it. Step 2: Choose the Asset You want to send to Step 3: Enter the Amount

The next page is Send Amount. Enter the amount you want to send and its equivalent in USDT will be calculated by our AI in the Crypto value section. If you're done inputting the amount, click Next. Note: If your available balance is less than the amount you intend to send, our AI will automatically redirect you to the P2P platform to top your balance. Step 4: Input the Receivers email or phone number

After you have entered the amount, the next page will prompt you to enter the recipient's email address or phone number. Step 5: Confirm Send Information

If you are done with step 4, the next page will show you a preview of your receiver's details. Crosscheck them properly and confirm. Step6: Two-factor Authentication

This page will prompt you to input an email code (click send as seen on the screenshot above to receive an email containing the code). On the Google authenticator box, open your Google authenticator and copy your VIBRA code and then tap paste and click submit.

Congratulations, you have completed the transaction.

FAQS Can I Use The VIBRA Send Without Completing Identity Verification? All VIBRA users must complete Identity Verification to access VIBRA products and service offerings, including VIBRA Send. You can access the Identity Verification from the Verification tab as shown in the screenshot below. Read: REASONS YOU SHOULD COMPLETE YOUR VIBRA KYC What Happens if I Send Money to a Wrong Email or Phone number? Emails or phone numbers that are not registered are VIBRA will not receive crypto from VIBRA send. However, we advise you to carefully fill in the email address correctly so they don't put another customer. Why do I need to enable 2FA? In addition to security concerns during login, all users who use the VIBRA Send trade need the 2FA to activate the process. These operations require users to enter a two-factor authentication code to verify that they are carrying out the transaction themselves What are the transaction fees on VIBRA Send? VIBRA charges zero fees for all transactions made using the VIBRA send. ABOUT VIBRA Launched in 2021, VIBRA is a multinational state-of-the-art cryptocurrency platform. As a user-oriented platform with a focus on inclusiveness and community action reach, it offers over 100 digital assets and currently provides spot trading, P2P trading and savings to its users in multiple countries and regions. In 2021, VIBRA raised over $6 million in investments through pre-Series A funding. VIBRA is currently one of the top crypto platforms in Africa. To find out more, visit

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