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How To Buy Bitcoin In Ghana

Ghana, as well as many African countries, have felt the brunt of global economic unease and the rise in inflation. Many Africans are hedging against currency devaluation with stablecoins and Bitcoin. If you are seeking to buy Bitcoin in Ghana to trade, or convert your local currency to Crypto, VIBRA is your one-stop-shop for everything payments and crypto.

The rise of Bitcoin and blockchain technology in less than two decades have been nothing short of a technological revolution. While the digital assets industry has accumulated a market cap of $3 trillion, as of November 2021, it is currently valued at $880 billion due to the bear market that was occasioned by the Russia-Ukraine war and the global economic meltdown.

However, BTC has proven itself to be a global currency with a 10-year ROI surpassing other forms of investment assets. It is sought after by many as a store of value, a hedge against inflation and an investment option. A currency without borders, Bitcoin has made international transactions easy and affordable globally.

In this guide, we will explain how to buy Bitcoin in Ghana using VIBRA, the best crypto trading platform tailored for Africans.

What is VIBRA?

VIBRA is a crypto wallet app that offers much more than just an exchange. With VIBRA app, you can buy, sell, store, invest in crypto, grow among a community of traders, get up-to-date news in the crypto industry and become an influencer. Our vision is to improve financial inclusion for the unbanked or the overcharged and to reduce the barrier to entry and exit for crypto users within Africa and beyond.

VIBRA is currently operating in Nigeria, Kenya and Ghana.

How To Buy Bitcoin In Ghana

The following step-by-step guide will help you on how you can buy Bitcoin seamlessly using the VIBRA app;

Step 1: Create a VIBRA Account.

To buy or own Bitcoin and any other cryptocurrency you need a VIBRA account.

Download the VIBRA app here for Android devices and here for iPhone users and sign up within 2 minutes!

Step 2: Use GHS to Buy USDT on VIBRA P2P.

Once your sign-up process is completed, log in to the VIBRA app. Follow the steps below;

  1. Click the P2P icon on the home page.

  2. Ensure your preferred currency is GHS (you can change it from the dropdown on the right).

Step 3: Buy From Your Preferred Merchant

  1. On the P2P platform, there is a list of Ghanaian merchants who are ready to trade with you at any time. (P.S. All merchants on VIBRA are well scrutinized and verified)

  2. Choose the ad that meets your required quantity(limit) and exchange rate(price).

  3. Click the “BUY” button.

  4. Fill in the amount of GHS you want to pay or the quantity of USDT you want to purchase.

  5. Click “BUY NOW” to initiate the process.

Step 4: Buy Your Crypto Swiftly And Securely

  1. The merchant’s information will appear, including preferred payment method, e.g. MOMO, bank transfer, etc.

  2. Read the merchant’s terms and conditions and copy the payment details.

  3. You are required to make payment and confirm within the seller’s stipulated time.

Step 5: Pay The Merchant

Now go to your MOMO or bank account (depending on the seller’s preferred payment method). Send the exact payment to the account number the merchant has provided.

Please ensure you are paying to the correct account by making sure the account name provided by the merchant matches the one shown.

Step 6: Confirm Successful Payment

Return to the VIBRA App and click “I HAVE PAID”. This will notify the seller that you have transferred the money to the specified account.

The seller will verify your payment in the MOMO account and confirm on the VIBRA app.

You will receive your cryptocurrency instantly in your VIBRA account once the merchant confirms that your payment was successful.

Note: A merchant cannot hold on to the cryptocurrency after payment is confirmed because it is held in escrow by VIBRA.

Step 7: Trade USDT to Bitcoin

Go to the Trade tab on VIBRA and exchange your USDT for BTC instantly.

Congratulations! You just bought Bitcoin.

. . .

Become a Vibrant star in Ghana; Download VIBRA app here, signup and start buying your cryptocurrency safely.

VIBRA empowers Africans! Benefit as a representative in Ghana today by joining the VIBRA Ambassador Program. Earn up to $600 monthly For details on how to join click here

With VIBRA, You Are In Charge!

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