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It’s surprising that many people have not caught onto the benefits of cryptocurrency. While there are risks — like all investment markets, the profit expected in crypto investment holds a more attractive reward for an investor due to the flexibility of the market. Most crypto assets have a short duration and higher rates of ROI than the traditional financial market e.g stocks, bank interests, etc...

While at VIBRA we believe there is more to cryptocurrencies than their price, we understand that millions around the world have found several ways to use them and make additional income. But for an average person, using cryptocurrencies can be an intimidating thought, let alone making money with it, but we are here to tell you that in VIBRA, there are 5 unique ways to use the platform to make money.

What is VIBRA?

When it comes to crypto, VIBRA offers the most complete, all-around crypto trading platform in Africa.

If you want a platform that offers you the opportunity to trade, safe storage, savings and a Social media page included, where you can interact with other traders — choose VIBRA!

Now let's take a look at the 5 ways people have used crypto to earn something extra on VIBRA.

1. Buy Crypto Instantly With Local Currency

Buying crypto with your local currency is very seamless and SAFE with VIBRA. In a few clicks, you are credited with your coins and you have no hassles or security worries.

The screenshot above shows how your phone will look like after clicking the Instant Buy

All you have to do is download the app here, sign up and open the “Instant Buy” on the homepage. After opening, input the amount of USDT you want to buy or the amount of your local currency you want to pay and VIBRA algorithm will automatically assign you to a merchant, pay in the merchant’s account and your coins will be released to your account in split seconds.

Given the incessant inflation, all you have to do is store it on VIBRA and watch inflation take its toll.

2. Trade Crypto Swiftly on the Order Book or P2P

Trading is how most people make money with cryptocurrency. The idea is that you buy cryptocurrencies at a low price and then sell them after a period of time — depending on your risk exposure.

Read more on how to use the order book here

If you have not started yet but are looking to try it out, you can check out VIBRA for easy and swift crypto trading. On the homepage, you will see over 30 digital assets including Bitcoin (BTC) or click the Trade icon at the bottom of the app for more options and select the asset of your choice. Input how much you want to spend on the “You will pay (USDT)” on the order book and click buy to execute the trade. Selling your asset is also the same approach.

3. Influence Crypto (Community Influencer/Ambassador).

As you may know, celebrities & influencers earn by getting promotional or ambassadorial deals from companies. They can also earn by offering direct services to their audience.

A crypto Influencer is simply any individual that has built a large audience online by consistently delivering quality information and updates about crypto. But it takes months or years to build a large audience…. Yes, we know! In VIBRA you can become an influencer and make money just by staying active and making posts on the VIBRA Social within the app. To become SOCIAL, get started here.

4. Win Crypto

In VIBRA, you get rewarded for everything — you just need to stay online and up-to-date on what’s happening in VIBRA.

You get rewards and bonuses for taking part in basic tasks such as trading, staying active on the VIBRA social, joining the Telegram community, online webinars across Social media channels, attending live events, etc.

You can win 2 USDT daily by answering simple questions on the VIBRA Telegram Channel. Join here!

5. Save and Earn

This essentially puts us in the role of a bank deposit account, but without the bank bureaucracy.

With VIBRA you can save your cryptocurrencies and make up to 4% APY in passive income daily.

Read more on how to start saving on VIBRA here


There is always more with VIBRA…

Become a Vibrant star by joining the VIBRA Ambassador Program. Earn up to $600 monthly For details on how to join click here

With VIBRA, You Are In Charge!

Download the VIBRA App here and join the winning club today!

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