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The year 2022 was very eventful! It was a trying year. The crypto industry had a lot of challenges and umpteen controversies that saw the market go into a year-long crash. While many platforms have collapsed under the prolonged bear market, and investors were brought to their knees, developments at VIBRA kept advancing at an unparalleled and genuinely relentless rate.

Intrinsically, we have continuously stayed on course to make our users the priority and provide useful resources in all market seasons. Here are a few:

  1. Quality Crypto Asset Listings on VIBRA

Driven by the quest to have the best and largest crypto platform in Africa. We made sure the quality and number of available options for traders increased. Throughout 2022, VIBRA studied and added more than 80 new innovative-driven coins/tokens. We added more than 60 coins to VIBRA Spot Market) in the second quarter of 2022 and added another set of coins in the fourth quarter of the same year to bring the total number of coins available to more than 100.

  1. Community outreach and Partnership

During the year, we partnered with some industry-focused companies and communities to hold multiple crypto events targeted at spreading crypto knowledge to Africans.

  • UNN Blockchain Conference

VIBRA team were present at the University of Nigeria Nsukka Blockchain conference on 5th March 2022. The event was themed “DEMYSTIFYING BLOCKCHAIN; The Technology Behind Crypto”. This event was dubbed the ‘Biggest Blockchain Conference in South-East Nigeria’ because it featured many influential blockchain thought-leaders and crypto experts from across Africa, who were present to educate over eight hundred participants including students, lecturers, and entrepreneurs in the region.

The VIBRA team present gave a keynote speech showcasing VIBRA as the easiest and safest platform to trade and learn about cryptocurrency. The speaker highlighted the numerous use cases available to students on VIBRA which include savings with 4% APY, spot trade and simple-to-use wallets with low fees.

The Techpoint Africa Blockchain Summit

The Techpoint Africa Blockchain Summit (#TABS2022) was another event that examined the global blockchain and cryptocurrency ecosystem, highlighting the various pathways for Africa to develop and harness the opportunities in blockchain technology.

The event was highly educational with an array of technocrats, professionals, and key stakeholders in the industry who discussed the booming crypto prospects, and the regulatory framework impacting blockchain growth across Africa.

In line with our mission to spread knowledge about cryptocurrency and its use in Africa, VIBRA was in attendance as one of the event sponsors. We also sponsored 20 free entry tickets for crypto enthusiasts to attend the summit. This summit was themed ‘Web3: Engineering Tomorrow’s Internet ‘— and as a major proponent of Web3 and crypto in Africa, VIBRA came fully represented.

Hailey Yang, VIBRA’s Country Manager who presented at the summit said; “Our platform is not only an exchange or wallet, but it is also an interactive social platform that has community elements for growth.”

She reiterated that VIBRA’s message encompasses three main themes which we believe web3 is all about. The themes were; security, simplicity and social.

VIBRA Abuja Meetup

On the 9th of July, the VIBRA family organised an exclusive meetup in Abuja at Reno Hotel Asokoro, Abuja in Nigeria. The meetup was dignified by a host of crypto enthusiasts across different regions in the area. The meetup was exclusively educational and featured a host of Blockchain experts who discussed crypto and thought in detail about everything about the VIBRA ecosystem.

VIBRA Nairobi Meetup

On 14 July 2022, Hailey Yang, VIBRA country manager made a trip to Kenya in a bid to collaborate with crypto experts and pioneers in the country. The meetup was held at 6 PM in Maxland Hotel, Nairobi.

Several people who came figured out how easy crypto onboarding could be and the Vibra team made a commitment to increase crypto education in Kenya. This later translated into the introduction of the Vibra ambassador program.

Cardano Blockchain Founders Hangout Kano

On the 3rd of December 2022, VIBRA’s Country Manager, Hailey Yang and Marketing Director Samuel Joseph joined a host of crypto entrepreneurs, industry shapers, innovators, contributors, developers, crypto experts, enthusiasts and professionals to educate the Northern Nigerians on the importance of cryptocurrencies, underlying blockchain technology and the amazing features of VIBRA, an all-in-one crypto platform.

This move was vital to VIBRA’s goal in education and crypto awareness because Kano is one of the largest cities in Nigeria.

VIBRA Bitcoin Summit Uyo

On 10th December 2022, we hosted a one-day meetup tagged; “VIBRA Bitcoin Summit: Enhancing Crypto Trading and Adoption in Africa” at Ibom Tropicana Entertainment Center in Uyo. The gathering featured panels from key stakeholders across different lines of discipline in the industry and witnessed turnout from inside and outside the blockchain community.

Community Driven Campaigns and Promotions

  1. VIBRAin Tutor Program

On April 21, 2022, we introduced an Affiliate program titled VIBRAIN TUTOR. #VIBRAinClass— as it was tagged— was an initiative to encourage coordinated learning by enabling cryptocurrency enthusiasts and community leaders to earn while educating the vibrant masses in Africa on the disruptive potential of blockchain technology & cryptocurrency.

Because VIBRA’s mission is to empower Africans to take charge of their finances, #VIBRAinClass was poised at simplifying digital money on blockchain technology to the understanding of everyone in Africa. Making it easy for every Nigerian, and eventually, African to grasp the concept of cryptocurrency and manage their investments.

  1. VIBRA Africa Ambassador Program (VAAP)

One of the community-driven programs we held in 2022 was the ambassadorial program. In the VAAP program, we paid Ambassadors up to $600 worth of USDT according to their respective performances.

This process is still live. For details on how to join the program click here

Other promotional offers include;

Product Updates

In our quest to have the most complete product— the following app upgrades were made during 2022

First Quarter of 2022

  1. Instant Buy

We implemented the Instant Buy option to our platform so that cryptocurrency traders may experience the excitement of buying cryptocurrency right away. You do not need to select from the list of P2P merchants selling or buying while using VIBRA Instant Buy. Your transactions will be matched by our cutting-edge technology with the best price and the most appropriate P2P merchant for your trade and your transactions get completed within seconds.

Second Quarter 2022

  1. Kenya Shilling Currency Support

As we widened the scope of our services to include Kenya, we added the Kenyan KSH currency to the platform. Through our P2P and Instant Buy platforms, our Kenyan users and merchants were able to convert between cryptocurrencies and fiat.

  1. BEP20/TRC20 Network Integration

On the 16th of July, we officially announced the integration of the BEP20 and the TRC20 network. The development enabled users to have options and use the network that best suits their needs.

  1. Vibra Savings

The VIBRA flexible savings was officially announced on the 17th of June. The product which currently rewards up to 4% for holding BTC, ETH, USDT and BNB was an initiative aimed at incentivizing our users who are less risk-aversive.

  1. Additional Security Settings

During the year, precisely 7th of June, we rolled out a new app update that came with additional security features like the Google authenticator, Face ID for iPhone users and Fingerprint for Android device users.

Third Quarter 2022

  1. Coin Search Function

The burden of circling back and forth in search of their preferred coin was lessened thanks to this functionality for our users. To find it, they only need to type the name into the app's well-placed search bar at the top.

  1. Ghana Cedis Currency Support

Like the KSH, we had to include the GHS in our trading platform when we expanded operations to Ghana. This breakthrough allowed the nation's seasoned cryptocurrency users and newcomers to quickly join the market using our state-of-the-art P2P technology.

  1. Currency Filter Function

Our IT team recognised the need to provide the currency filter function to allow users to select the currency of their choice after adding more than one currency to the platform. This was a well-thought-out development because it allowed travelling users to change currencies as they travel to another nation.

  1. Manual KYC Verification Process

Due to concerns raised by our users about the requirement for accuracy to pass the automatic KYC verification process, our team took quick action by implementing the manual means of verification, and since then, our expert team have been performing an excellent job of addressing KYC difficulties.

Fourth Quarter of 2022

  1. Order Book

On 31st October 2022, VIBRA leapt forward by introducing the order book on our trading platform. This helps users place orders at their price in the spot market.

  1. Merchants Ads Optimisation

Before this feature was enabled, new users had trouble finding merchants because the P2P platform was hidden under the Buy/sell button. However, following optimization, users were able to quickly flip between buy and sell on the same page and promptly identify the P2P marketplace.

  1. US Dollar Currency Support

The US dollar is a universal currency, it is the most acceptable currency in the world. Having understood this, we decided to add it to the platform to ensure the ease of inter-trading by our multinational users.

Expansion of Operations

Over the first few months of 2022, we were solely operational in Nigeria. However, in keeping with our aim to increase crypto literacy and adoption across Africa we decided to expand to Kenya, Ghana, Uganda, Cameroon and Ethiopia

In-app Campaigns

We had so many campaigns during the year in-app giving away more than $20, 000 in rewards. The following are our top 15 champions;

  1. The Deep Investor

  2. Nifemijames0211

  3. Chrismore

  4. Bussie

  5. Mhizhelen

  6. Emeka Innocentsociety

  7. Iceman

  8. Ambitious

  9. Vickytunes

  10. RPD Dave

  11. ItzQueen

  12. Felixmoh

  13. Jonalizing3g

  14. AK West

  15. Adewale

Moving Into 2023

We are incredibly excited to report that, moving into 2023, we will continue to build upon what was a transformative 2022. Looking back, the bear market presented extraordinary challenges, impacting the crypto society at large.

Nonetheless, VIBRA will continue to expand to support our ongoing growth. We have had several new joiners across all business units and functions during the year.

Having had the unique experience of building one of the best crypto-based platforms in Africa, our top priority is always to protect the safety of our users. As such, we intend to keep accelerating in our journey as we believe that digital assets are the evolutionary foundation of the new money model.


Launched in 2021, VIBRA is a multinational state-of-the-art cryptocurrency platform. As a user-oriented platform with a focus on inclusiveness and community action reach, it offers over 100 digital assets and currently provides spot trading, P2P trading and savings to its users in multiple countries and regions.

In 2021, VIBRA raised over $6 million in investments through pre-Series A funding. VIBRA is currently one of the top crypto platforms in Africa.

To find out more, visit

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