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VIBRAin Class Tutor Program: Teach Crypto and Earn Up to $300 monthly

Updated: Feb 22, 2023

VIBRA Affiliate program- VIBRAIN TUTOR is earmarked for young and enthusiastic Africans who are willing to teach crypto classes and earn big.

Earn Cool Cash While Teaching Crypto

Crypto Education is Pertinent

The largest barrier to entry for cryptocurrency in Nigeria, and Africa at large, is education and VIBRA Africa is about to change that. VIBRA is a cryptocurrency wallet and social app created to spread knowledge about cryptocurrency and make its usage easy for Africans.

At VIBRA we teach beginner-friendly cryptocurrency lessons through blog posts, social media, AMA sessions and the Telegram crypto community. VIBRA is taking it a step further with #VIBRAinClass and you can be a part of this while making money along the way.

What is #VIBRAinClass?

#VIBRAinClass is an initiative to encourage communal learning by enabling cryptocurrency enthusiasts and community leaders to earn while educating the vibrant masses in Africa on the disruptive potential of blockchain technology & cryptocurrency.

Because VIBRA’s mission is to empower Africans to take charge of their finances, #VIBRAinClass is poised at simplifying digital money on blockchain technology to the understanding of everyone in Africa. Making it easy for every Nigerian, and eventually, Africans to be able to grasp the concept of cryptocurrency and manage their own investments.

Why Should I Become a #VIBRAinClass Tutor?

There are numerous benefits to becoming a tutor on #VIBRAinClass, this is especially beneficial to creators or upcoming thought leaders who need a solid and structured academic platform to monetise their crypto knowledge.

🚀Tutors can earn up to $300 in a month (>150k Naira) or $150 (>75k Naira) per lecture. In addition, students can also earn $5 for initial sign-up on VIBRA. How cool!

Additional benefits:

  • Opportunity to establish yourself as a crypto thought leader, building a following and audience on our in-app community Social Page.

  • Get recognition as a VIBRA Affiliate partner with a badge.

  • Learn more about cryptocurrency in the process. {‘Teaching is the highest form of understanding.’ –Aristotle}

How Do I Become a #VIBRAinClass Tutor?

To begin, VIBRA needs to ensure that you have sufficient knowledge about digital money, blockchain and cryptocurrency. Therefore, prospective tutors are required to take a tutor assessment and score at least 95% to qualify. Here is the registration form-

Terms and Conditions:

1. All aspiring tutors are required to ace the tutor assessment test with an overall score of at least 95% (19/20) to qualify as tutors. 2. Tutors are required to go through the Tutor manual thoroughly to gain clarity on VIBRA’s grading system 3. Tutors are to only use materials provided by VIBRA for the training sessions 4. All Tutors are to be part of VIBRA’s Academy Community for announcements, updates and live meet-ups. 5. Tutors' understanding of the topic and delivery will be graded with 20 points 6. The number of attendees per tutor class will be graded with 40points 7. The number of NEW users per tutor class will be classified as ‘engagement’ and will be graded with 40points 8. Tutors will be graded on a weekly basis and rewarded five working days after the class evaluation is concluded and completed 9. In any event of a dispute regarding your participation in this promotional offer, VIBRA has the final decision-making authority

Take Charge with VIBRA!

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