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VIBRAIn Academy Live Session Recap: Intro To Digital Money

Since our launch in 2021, VIBRA has been committed to empowering Africa’s biggest crypto enthusiasts and newbies with valuable information to go from zero to master, in addition to offering the most user-friendly and secure crypto trading platform in Nigeria. On 26th January 2022, VIBRA officially introduced VIBRAIn Academy Live Sessions to the Telegram Community, a profoundly informative event conducted by Louis Dike, a cryptocurrency expert and trainer.

VIBRAin Academy #VIBRAin Academy is an initiative that aims to promote the individual and economic growth of Africans through financial empowerment and crypto education; equipping and educating Africa’s youth about the transformative potential of blockchain technology and cryptocurrency. It is a friendly, easy way for beginners to learn and network with a community of experts, making crypto knowledge easy and readily accessible. It also provides financial empowerment to crypto experts who are eager and willing to teach.

Here is a recap of the live session; The live session was held on the VIBRA Telegram channel, an interactive class with intermittent quizzes which had over 75 registered participants. The session was broken into two parts: the ‘Intro To Digital Money’ session and an overview of the VIBRAin Lecture Room.

🚀Intro to digital Money was taught with a course module that covered four major parts:

  • Money; major types of money e.g. fiat and digital money

  • Transaction systems

  • The emergence of bitcoin

  • Altcoins & African Market scope

🚀The second half of the live session discussed VIBRAin Lecture Room, an initiative under the VIBRAin Academy, for crypto tutors and experts to earn. This lecture room is called #VIBRAInClass and it is designed to allow crypto gurus in Africa to have a safe space where they can teach crypto to other Africans and earn generously. Tutors will be given a quick assessment before they can be selected for the program and they will also be graded by students on a points-based system. So the more instructive and engaging your class is the more you earn. To become a VIBRAin Tutor, fill out the registration form here-

Each participant in this first Live session qualified to enter the ₦100,000 raffle draw pool scheduled to run at the second Live session themed “How To Make This Money”.

The debut edition was a success. At the end of the event, participants were encouraged to join the VIBRAin Academy telegram chat: a platform where you can readily have access to all updated crypto training resources.

More With VIBRA VIBRA offers a number of other initiatives such as VB Stars which enables users to earn while being a vibrant ambassador of the community, referring VIBRA to their contacts and loved ones. Download VIBRA app to enjoy more benefits in crypto.

To participate in our upcoming live sessions, join our Telegram channel here and follow our social media pages.

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