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VIBRA x Sunusi Crypto TV AMA: The Significance of a Social Community in Crypto

Last weekend on the 15th of January 2022, VIBRA had another special AMA session on the Sunusi Crypto TV Telegram channel — a predominantly Hausa crypto community. The AMA session was themed: “The Significance of a Social Community in Crypto”. BolaFunmi Adedayo, the content manager at VIBRA with a robust portfolio as a savvy writer, brand strategist and community manager, delved into the nitty-gritty of what a social crypto community should be and what to expect when you join one.

As usual, the AMA session consisted of three segments; the interview based on the day’s theme, a Q&A session where members can ask anything, and the crypto giveaway where 5 winners went home with 20 USDT each. Below is a full recap for everyone who couldn’t join us and would love to learn more about the importance of social communities in crypto, and how VIBRA is the foremost social trading app.

The Interview

Interviewer (Sadeeq): What is a social community?

BolaFunmi: A social community is a space/group that accommodates like-minded people coming together to achieve a common goal with a set pathway that will guide them towards their success. One common thing that has brought us together, in this space, is the need to thrive financially through cryptocurrency.

S: How does a social community benefit crypto users?

B: A social community benefits crypto users in three ways

a.) Access to opportunities such as crypto learning, employment offers, financial opportunities, and training about new innovations in the crypto space. For example, NFTs are a relatively new concept, however, many people have made profits from them in 2021 due to the resources and learning from crypto communities.

b.) Strong support and security. The crypto space is new and because it is all about finance, this scares a lot of people who do not want to lose their money. However, humans are social and rely on others for development and growth which is why being part of a community helps to allay fears, especially for newbies. A crypto community keeps you safe and grounded — when you are among other crypto enthusiasts that share similar interests and can relate to your current situation, you don’t feel alone.

c.) Effective communication: This is crucial, especially for project-led communities, users can gain first-hand information from the project team and also share feedback about the product.

S: Are there any dangers or problems being within a social crypto community?

B: Unregulated crypto groups are dangerous. Because crypto communities don’t vet their members or screen them, there is accommodation for anyone, even those with malicious intent can join. I believe crypto communities should be regulated in order for members to feel safe. I would advise that you beware of groups where there is a lot of spamming, fake news, or random ads allowed. A crypto community should be a safe space.

S: Can you share 3 key things that everyone within a social community of crypto users should be mindful of?

B: a.) Community Goal: A community without a goal is a red flag. The purpose for creating the community should be clear and ensure your goals align with the community goal.

b.) Be mindful of opportunities that sound too good to be true, it probably is. When people give you financial advice or investment advice, ensure you do your own adequate research.

c.) Account impersonation: Be mindful of accounts that impersonate others. For instance, someone using the same profile picture as the group admin may try to scam you in your DMs. Ensure you do double-checks as it’s a common way in which people are scammed.

S: What are specific benefits every crypto project should offer a social community?

B: 3 specific benefits which are:

a.) Accurate and updated Information: Information is very important. The crypto community should share relevant, updated, clear and concise information to enable beginners to easily understand. Especially news about the project, updates on the project and other relevant happenings in the crypto ecosystem.

b.) Access to a safe market: after learning, earning is important in a safe exchange free from scammers. This is why at VIBRA you are safe with us; Your crypto trading is safe because our merchants are verified. You are safe among like-minded people, gaining knowledge and being a part of the VIBRA Social community where crypto enthusiasts learn and share crypto insights.

c.) Incentives: there should be incentives or rewards that make members of the community feel like they belong and are part of the project. At VIBRA, becoming a merchant is easy with lots of benefits. There are numerous affiliate programs for VIBRA users which includes the VIBRAin tutor initiative where you teach crypto and earn. You can also become a part of the Vibrant Stars who get benefits from being ambassadors or affiliates of the brand.

The Q&A

Question 1: How is VIBRA unique from other wallet platforms?

Answer: VIBRA is set up with Nigerians in mind. We have carried out market research to find out the easiest and simplest ways for any Nigerian to trade in cryptocurrencies. With just a button you can buy and sell crypto. We make it easy for you to trade or invest while enjoying a social community inside the app. I haven’t seen any crypto exchange in Africa that is focused on users giving them a platform to trade, to be social, to learn and earn. We have a free academy where you can learn everything about crypto from Africans like you, and you can also earn as a crypto tutor.

Question 2: Is P2P available on VIBRA?

A: Yes, VIBRA is a p2p platform where you can find registered and verified merchants that are ready to trade with you instantly. On the VIBRA home page, you can click on buy/sell to start trading.

Question 3: Do you have any plans to add small coins apart from ADA, DOGE, XRP, TRX & SHIB?

A: We have so many coins on the platform right now with plans to add new coins in the next upgrade. We listen to our users and when you join our community you can also suggest the coins you will like to see on the platform.

The Giveaway (100 USDT)

The third segment of the session is the giveaway where 100 USDT was given to 5 lucky winners. The giveaway was carried out in the form of a raffle draw which was done in a transparent manner.

The following are the 5 lucky winners who emerged:

  • Imrana Sule

  • Sadiq Salisu

  • Abdallah Aliyu

  • Usman Abubakar

  • Abubakar Umar

. . .

VIBRA organises AMA sessions regularly to keep you informed about our products, and many opportunities to be had from the easiest and safest trading platform in Africa.

To join our next AMA, follow our socials and stay tuned for upcoming announcements! Download VIBRA today and join the winning team.

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