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VIBRA To Reward New Users with 5 USDT for First Time Deposit

The first 2022 exclusive user reward is live! VIBRA new users who make first-time deposits of USDT will be rewarded instantly. This promotion is targeted at new users only who have registered on VIBRA and verified their accounts.

Deposit 100 USDT And Get 5 USDT Free Top Up

In a bid to promote the adoption of cryptocurrency in Nigeria and encourage Nigerians to save more in crypto, VIBRA Africa, a foremost P2P trading platform wants to reward Nigerians with free cash when they deposit up to $100 in crypto.

First deposit of 100 USDT on VIBRA qualifies a new user for an additional 5 USDT top-up gift from VIBRA. How delightful!

How To Participate

  • Sign up on VIBRA

  • Complete account verification

  • Deposit 100USDT in your wallet within the week

  • The reward is automatically paid to qualifying new users every Monday

**Promotion runs from Jan 20, 2022 to Feb 20, 2022**

Terms & Conditions:

  1. This promotional offer is open to new USDT deposits only

  2. The qualifying 100USDT must be the user’s first USDT deposit on VIBRA Note: USDT deposit can be made through P2P purchase or by transferring from another wallet that is ERC-20 compatible.

  3. Pay-out of 5USDT top-up is done weekly for all participants on Mondays

  4. Extra deposits of any amount >=100USDT will not qualify for an additional 5USDT i.e. a user can only get a reward once

  5. Second-time deposits of USDT does not qualify.

  6. Deposits of other crypto assets do not qualify

  7. This promotion’s ‘pay-out and participants’ qualification system’ is automated thus, it is devoid of any human interference and does not require any additional entry form.

  8. In any event of a dispute regarding a user’s participation in this promotional offer, VIBRA has the upper hand and final decision-making authority.

How To Deposit USDT on VIBRA

VIBRA is a P2P platform that has made crypto trading easy. You can deposit USDT on VIBRA in two (2) easy ways;

  1. Purchase USDT with Cash

To buy USDT with cash (Naira), please complete account verification up to KYC L1 and follow these steps:

  • Tap Buy on the homepage

  • Select USDT

  • Scroll through the listed Ads from verified Merchants and tap Buy on the P2P Ad of your choice

  • Enter the amount of USDT you’d like to buy

  • Pay the Seller within the stipulated time

  • You will receive Crypto in Your wallet swiftly once the seller confirms payment.

2. Deposit USDT from other Wallets

You can transfer USDT stored in another crypto wallet to VIBRA highly secure wallet. USDT can also be received as payment or a gift from a third party into your VIBRA wallet. First, you need to generate your USDT wallet address on VIBRA (similar to a bank account number)

  • On the Homepage, simply tap USDT

  • Select Deposit

  • Generate a deposit address to receive USDT from other wallets

  • Ensure you only send USDT from a wallet that is ERC-20 compatible

(At the moment, VIBRA only supports USDT on the Ethereum blockchain with the ERC-20 standard)

What is USDT

USDT (Tether) is a highly regulated crypto stablecoin that is pegged to the price of 1 US dollar. Owning USDT is similar to owning US Dollars.

Tether is a cryptocurrency issued on the Ethereum blockchain. It is a stablecoin because it is designed to always maintain the price of a US dollar. i.e. 1 USDT is the same as 1 USD. Because it is backed by a physical asset reserve it has low price volatility compared to other cryptocurrencies.

Benefits of USDT

  • Low Volatility: As a stablecoin, USDT is a favoured cryptocurrency for saving for investors that want to avoid the high volatility of cryptocurrency.

  • Faster Payment: It serves as a bridge between fiat and cryptocurrencies because it offers stability and a cheaper transaction fee

  • Highly Interchangeable: USDT can be swapped or traded with every other cryptocurrency instantly. This is an advantage for traders who to quickly buy, sell and take trading profit

Deposit your first 100 USDT and receive a free 5 USDT on VIBRA. This offer lasts till February 20, 2022.

**Win some, and invite your friends to win some too** Remember you also get rewards and bonuses from active referrals.

Join our VIBRA community here —

Win with VIBRA. You are in charge!

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