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25,000,000 SHIB coins are up for grabs this October!

Over 20 million SHIB coins were won by Vibra traders in Season #1 which ended in June.

Now, we are back and better, with more to be won on the Vibra app Social.

Unless you are an expert, crypto trading in bear seasons can be quite challenging, and as your ideal crypto companion, VIBRA will reward you for buying your favourite coins and talking about it on the VIBRA App Social page. Isn’t that sweet?


The Traders League involves a weekly tournament and a monthly cumulative reward for the active users with the highest trading volume on App Social Page.

PART A: Weekly Tournament

The weekly activity requires Vibra users on the App Social Community to compete by spending USDT to amass their favourite cryptocurrencies (e.g. BTC, ETH, SHIB, DOGE etc)


⚡️Between Sunday and Friday, buy USDT from P2P merchants

⚡️Spend $100 USDT or more to purchase other cryptocurrencies (BTC, ETH, SHIB, BNB, etc apart from USDT)

⚡️On Friday, simply declare your participation by making a post on the VIRA App Social page saying I QUALIFY FOR THIS WEEK’S TOURNAMENT (include account UID)

⚡️By 5 pm every Friday, all participants’ data will be collated for backend verification and the top 6 winners will be announced on Monday.

⚡️Weekly Tournament can only be won once a month

P.S. The minimum amount purchased for the week must be greater than or equal to $100 USDT.


2 winners from Nigeria — 1 million SHIB coins each 2 winners from Ghana- 1 million SHIB coins each 2 winners from Kenya- 1 million SHIB coins each

PART B: Monthly Champions Cup

At the end of the month, all the weekly tournament winners will automatically qualify for the Champions prize pool. The user with the highest monthly trading volume and highest engagement in the Social app win the monthly Champions cup.

The minimum amount purchased for the month must be greater than or equal to $1000USDT.


One lucky winner earns 20 USDT


Monthly Champions Cup: All the winners of the weekly tournament automatically qualify and will battle for the monthly champions cup


All automatic participants;

  • Must have won a weekly trading tournament

  • Must be active on the Vibra social page with a minimum of 2 posts weekly

  • Must influence other users to trade through active engagement

  • Must have equivalent USDT value of all crypto assets purchased by the end of the month


Start Date: October 2nd, 2022

End Date: October 28th, 2022


  1. The traders league is exclusive to members of the VIBRA App Social Community

  2. The reward is paid directly into the winner’s VIBRA wallet which meets all T&Cs after 5 business days.

  3. The currency of the reward can be changed or swapped to any altcoin. This change will be duly announced prior to commencement.

  4. Crypto assets purchased for the Traders League must be in the account till the payout is completed.

  5. Weekly tournament winners must leave the crypto assets in their wallet till month-end to qualify for the Champions cup on the last day of the month when winners are announced.

  6. The champions cup is automated. All weekly tournament winners automatically qualify for the champions cup and must follow all requirements

  7. The championship will not commence in a month that does not produce at least 4 weekly winners.

  8. If there are fewer than 4 winners in a month without a champion, they will be automatically added to the following month to compete for the cup.

  9. Participants must be active within the community

  10. Weekly Tournament can only be won once a month

  11. A user can only win the Champions cup once in a quarter

  12. Having USDT does not qualify for the traders league.

  13. VIBRA reserves the right to modify the terms of the activity, at any time.

  14. In any event of a dispute regarding a user’s membership in the community or its activities, VIBRA has the upper hand and final decision-making authority

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