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Do you know that the world cup is one of the biggest international football tournaments in the world? And it is held every 4 years?

This year, it will be held in Qatar and the games begin on the 20th of November and till December 18th, just a week before Christmas. Be prepared! VIBRA is gearing up to make it an outstanding moment for all users.

What is VIBRA Qatar 2022?

VIBRA Qatar2022 allows you to win amazing prizes during the world cup.

This unique opportunity is available to all football lovers in Nigeria, Ghana and Kenya in two categories.

  1. Predict and Win: 100 users will share 1000 USDT. Simply predict the result of a match and win 10 USDT if your prediction is correct. This applies only to the final 10 matches.

  2. The Raffle Draw: New users who sign up with the referral code ‘FIFA2022’ during the campaign period will automatically be added to the raffle pool of $500 worth of BTC. 50 lucky winners will emerge on the live raffle draw event.


How do I Become a Winner?

Simply predict the outcome of a match on our Social Media pages. 10 winners will be selected for every match.

Where Will I Make my Prediction?

Simply write your prediction as a comment on our Social channels which includes Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and the App Social Page. You can also join our Telegram Community before the matches begin.

Prizes to be Won

10 participants with accurate predictions will win $10 USDT each.

For every match, the selection will be made across all our social channels.

Note that winners’ rewards will be received only through the VIBRA app — download it here.

Campaign Duration

The Predict and Win Game will last through the final 10 matches

Start Date: November 20th, 2022

End Date: December 17th, 2022

Who is Eligible to Participate?

This campaign is open to new and existing users


New users who download the VIBRA app and sign up with this unique referral code ‘FIFA2022’ from 20th November 12:00 UTC — 17th December 2022 and complete their KYC level2 will be eligible to share in a prize pool of 500 USDT worth of BTC.

Raffle Draw Event

The Qatar 2022 games will end on Dec 18th, and VIBRA FIFARaffle will go live on Dec 18th, 2022 at 6 pm UTC on Telegram Channel.

Who Is Eligible For The Raffle Draw?

New users who have signed up with the referral code ‘FIFA2022’ and completed KYC level 2 should fill out this form to enter the grand prize raffle pool


  1. To emerge as a winner, you must complete your KYC up to level 2.

  2. Participants must follow VIBRA across all Social Media channels to qualify

  3. Winners must obey the golden rule — asset value is equal to or more than 25 USDT.

  4. Payout to winners will be within five working days of the completion of the campaign and validation of participant

  5. VIBRA reserves the right to modify the terms of the campaign activities and currency of reward, at any time.

  6. In any event of a dispute in the outcome or user’s eligibility, VIBRA has the upper hand and final decision-making authority.

  7. No participant can win more than one reward in this campaign.

This is one of those moments all football fans anticipate — to see their favourite stars in a face-off for the World’s most prestigious football title. The energy is unquenchable! The love! Passion, tension, suspense, drama, and field action all in one sport — football!

Right now, the most asked question is… who is going to win the World Cup? Will one of the big guns triumph in Qatar or will an underdog take the world by surprise and win the top prize?

Set Your Reminders Right Now!

Remember, You are in charge.

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