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VIBRA MEME CONTEST IS HERE: Laugh Your Way Into Crypto Goodies

Are you a vibrant and fun crypto enthusiast or a scavenger with a folder full of crypto memes? This is your time to be a star in the VIBRA MEME CONTEST.

We are pleased to present the VIBRA Meme Contest where you can win USDT worth $10 by sharing funny memes on the VIBRA Telegram channel.


  • Simply join the Vibra telegram community here —

  • Share your funniest crypto memes with the Telegram Group. Participants can share more than one meme to increase their chances of winning.

  • Any user whose meme gets the highest reactions wins the contest

  • Two (2) winners will emerge monthly and get a bonus of 10 USDT each.


  • New and existing VIBRA users who are members of the Telegram community.

  • Vibra Telegram Community members who have a funded VIBRA account (25 USDT minimum) — GOLDEN RULE.

EVENT DATE: Saturday, July 31st Time: 9 AM WAT to 6 PM WAT


  1. This activity is open to all active VIBRA users.

  2. Participants must follow VIBRA accounts across all social platforms.

  3. Be an active member of the VIBRA Telegram community. Join here —

  4. A user must satisfy the golden rule — have a minimum balance of $25 USDT in their VIBRA wallet on the contest date.

  5. A winner shall forfeit the reward of $10 USDT if the $25 USDT base qualification is not met.

  6. A participant can send memes multiple times to increase their chances of winning.

  7. Participants cannot send memes as links to the community. Unwarranted links may result in total disqualification of users and a ban from the community.

  8. Funny memes may be images or videos, but NOT AUDIO file

  9. Rewards shall be processed five (5) weekdays after the verification of winner(s) data in line with the terms and conditions of the specific activity. Prizes are processed for only winners who pass the terms and conditions of verification.

  10. VIBRA reserves the right to modify the terms of the activity at any time.

  11. In the event of any dispute regarding a user’s participation, VIBRA has the upper hand and final decision-making authority.

Live, Laugh, Win on VIBRA. You are in Charge!
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