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Updated: Feb 22, 2023

How to lock a savings account? You can lock your money for as long as you want with VIBRA savings.

Do you own some idle cryptocurrency on exchanges or wallets that are waiting for the bull run? Why not grab this opportunity to increase your portfolio with daily crypto income on VIBRA?

Before we go into the step-by-step guide on how to save in VIBRA Locked Savings, let's discuss the benefits of saving your crypto.

Benefits of VIBRA Locked Savings

There are risks and benefits to consider with any type of investment. Almost usually, you'll have to choose between protecting your funds and earning a healthy return for fear of losing them.

What if we tell you you can earn a passive income while guaranteeing security?

But first, let's look at some of the benefits of having VIBRA Locked Savings.

Easy to open and access your account

Opening a new savings account with VIBRA is easier and faster than the banks.

If you’ve already opened a trading account with VIBRA, you can quickly set up Locked Savings in 2 minutes. We’ll discuss the process in a later section.

The low initial investment required

VIBRA Savings are great regardless of what your financial goals are. Even students working a part-time job can start one.

With VIBRA Savings you can start with as little as $1. That's much lesser than what the traditional banking system will require

Helps with HODLing

If you are the kind of person who finds it hard to stick to your investment plan, VIBRA Locked Savings can help you to HODL your assets without you touching them for a long period.

Zero fee requirements

Banks charge a monthly service fee just for the privilege of having an account with them. But with VIBRA, you are getting such a service for free

No knowledge required

VIBRA Savings works in a way that’s very simple and easy to understand. You direct deposit money into your account, and you earn interest on your deposit. That’s it.

You don’t need to know anything about the crypto market. You don’t need to pay attention to financial news or worry about pulling your money out when it seems like we’re headed for a financial downturn.

Your savings account keeps steadily earning you interest, regardless of what’s happening in other financial markets.

Helps you plan for your financial future

Financial experts advise that you should have savings equivalent to half of your annual salary by the time you’re 30.

By the time you’re 50, you should have the equivalent of 6–8x your annual salary in savings.

VIBRA Locked Savings can help get you there. Setting aside even a small amount each month can add up over time, especially as it compounds with interest.

🚀How To Subscribe to the VIBRA Locked Savings For Daily Income

1. Open your VIBRA app.

At the bottom of the app click on the "Savings" icon and the below interface will surface.

Once you are here, navigate to Locked Savings

2. Choose the asset type you want to save.

Simply select any plan of your choice from the list as seen in the screenshot below by tapping SUBSCRIBE.

Note: Select your subscription plan according to the duration of time you would want to lock your savings. We currently have 30, 60 and 90 days plans

3. Enter the amount and confirm.

After selecting your plan, you will see the next interface like the image above.

Enter the amount you want to lock or use the max button to enter all the USDT, BTC, BNB or ETH you have in your wallet balance.

After inputting the amount, read and accept the VIBRA User Service Agreement and Confirm.

And your subscription is successful.

How to View Your Saved Assets

Go to the Wallet tab and choose VIBRA earn to view all saved cryptocurrencies and interest accrued.

Click Locked Savings to view your locked assets

🚀 FAQs

What is Vibra Savings?

An easy-to-use interest-generating account for crypto stored on Vibra wallet. Simply deposit your cryptocurrency, relax, and profit from VIBRA SAVINGS daily. It is that simple!

Is it automatic?

No, you have to subscribe to the Savings plan by clicking just one button. Sign in to Vibra, select the Savings tab, and choose from the available options to subscribe.

When and how often does the interest get paid?

The interest is paid daily until the user ends the savings subscription.

Is the contract renewable daily or weekly?

There is no limit to savings duration. Therefore, the cryptocurrency you have committed to saving will be locked up and continue to generate interest daily until you initiate the termination of the contract by clicking just one button.

Is VIBRA Savings available to me?

You're good to go as long as you have the minimum quantity specified in your chosen asset. Once you've completed the identity verification procedure for your account, you'll be eligible for all VIBRA Savings products.

What is the best way for me to begin saving?

Simply deposit your desired amount of cryptocurrency into your Vibra wallet or purchase from the P2P market on Vibra, subscribe, and you will start receiving daily interest in T+2 days.

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