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You Can Now Transfer USDT Via TRC20 Network

With TRC20 Network, you have lower fees, faster transfers, and more options on VIBRA…

What is TRC20 Network?

TRON Blockchain is one of the fast-rising projects in the crypto space, and it is known for its faster processing speed. The TRC20 is a token standard on the TRON network and it is now available on VIBRA to support USDT transfers.

This means that users can make swift deposits and withdrawals of all cryptocurrencies that are supported by the TRON Network (TRC20) e.g. USDT, TRX, etc. Just like we have of BEP20 (Binance Smart Chain) Network and ERC20 (Ethereum) Network, this new feature of TRC20 will increase user experience and enable the VIBRA trading platform, especially for USDT deposits and withdrawals.

As such VIBRA now supports USDT transfers through the three (3) main networks: USDT-ERC20, USDT-BEP20, and USDT-TRC20. Key Benefits of USDT-TRC20 on VIBRA

  • Faster transaction speed

  • More security

  • Lower fees

  • Seamless withdrawals and deposits

How To Use TRC20 for USDT Transfers To deposit or withdraw USDT you can now choose TRC20 as your preferred network. Simply follow the steps to deposit on VIBRA.

Before you initiate a withdrawal or deposit, always confirm that the network you choose on VIBRA is the same as the one available on the external wallet.

How To Activate Your TRC20 — USDT Address

  • Go to DEPOSIT on the wallet page

  • Click on BTC to access a list of other cryptocurrencies on Vibra

  • Select USDT

  • Click on TRC20


  • Copy the long alphanumeric number below the QRcode

Quick Hint: TRON USDT addresses always start with a capital T while ERC20 starts with 0x.

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