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VB AIRDROP: Here is How to Get Free Crypto for Using VIBRA

VIBRA team have been coming up with different innovative solutions to spice up the world of decentralised finance and have a platform that solves all world finance problems. So far this year, VIBRA has launched VIBRA Locked Savings, VIBRA Send and VIBRA Request and now we have launched the most exciting and game-changing product, the VIBRA points (VB).

VB is a point system that is designed to be used exclusively on the VIBRA platform. As an exchange, we aim to provide a more secure, transparent, exciting and user-friendly trading experience for cryptocurrency enthusiasts and traders. We created the VB point to incentivize our loyal users for every action they perform on the app.

The VB point has several unique features that make it stand out from other similar initiatives in the market. For example, VB can be used to pay trading fees on the VIBRA platform, and users who hold VB points can receive discounts on their trading fees.

In addition, VB holders are eligible for a variety of incentives and rewards in the future. These include access to exclusive promotional offers, airdrops, and others. This makes VB an attractive option for both traders and investors who are looking to maximize their returns in the cryptocurrency market.

Overall, VB is an exciting new point system that has a lot of potential for growth and value appreciation. With its strong utility value, exclusive use on the VIBRA exchange platform, and a range of incentives and rewards for holders, VB might go on to become something with more intrinsic value.

How to Earn VB Points

There are several ways to earn VB. Below are the current methods to make as much VB as you want:

  1. Newly Registered accounts: Each new user on VIBRA that completes his/her identity verification (KYC-3) could earn 2-20 VB depending on the number of new users on the registration day.

  2. Referring New Users: VB points can be stacked up by referring your friends or family to VIBRA. VIBRA will reward you with 100 VB for every new member you bring to the platform. Note that VB can only be fully claimed when referrals get to KYC3.

  3. Frequently Using the VIBRA Products: VIBRA has different products that solve different needs. For instance, VIBRA Request and Send for sending and receiving cross-border payments, VIBRA Earn, spot trading and P2P trading. You will be rewarded with VB for using all or either of these products, you will also be rewarded for depositing any coin of your choice.

  4. Top Traders: We have scheduled a weekly leaderboard to reward our top traders according to their trading volume. The top 10 traders of each week will get a percentage of the VB pool slated for that week.

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