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VIBRAIn Academy Live Session Recap Part 2: How To Make This Money

Updated: Feb 22, 2023

One of the frequently asked questions in the crypto industry is ‘How Do I Make Money From Crypto’?

The majority of crypto newcomers that join the VIBRA Academy channel are typically concerned about generating revenue from the knowledge they’ve obtained in many of our classes. As a result, our second VIBRAin Academy Live Session was themed ‘How To Make This Money’ and held on 28th January 2022, as a sequel to the debut edition.

This live session was hosted on the VIBRA Telegram channel by Louis Dike, a Cryptocurrency Expert and Trainer, who discussed the numerous ways to earn real cash from crypto. To further demonstrate the earning potential in the crypto space, VIBRA shared a sum of ₦ 100,000 among the attendees.

Here is a recap;

HOW TO MAKE THIS MONEY: Trading with VIBRA P2P On 28th January 2022, VIBRA held another explosive live tutorial as one of the offerings from the VIBRAin Academy Initiative. Highlighting the basics of crypto trading and how to profit from it with VIBRA P2P.

VIBRAin Academy is an initiative that aims to promote the individual and economic growth of Africans through financial empowerment and crypto education, equipping and educating Africa’s youth about the transformative potential of blockchain technology and cryptocurrency. It is a friendly, easy way for beginners to learn and network with a community of experts, making crypto knowledge easy and accessible.

The live session included 78 participants, and the session was divided into two parts: ‘How To Make This Money’ training and a Raffle Draw giveaway for participants.

‘How To Make This Money’ training course focused on the fundamentals of cryptocurrency trading and the numerous strategies to generate money as a trader. The following topics were discussed and explained in-depth by the host:

  • What is trading?

  • Financial markets: Forex & Crypto

  • Market pairs and order types

  • What does P2P mean & how to trade using P2P on VIBRA

  • P2P trading rules & tips

  • Security tips to keep your VIBRA account safe

The second round of the live event included a raffle draw in which ten lucky participants won a total of ₦100,000 in cryptocurrencies.

Raffle Draw Winners: Abubakar Mohammed Future Ahiate Chinedu Angela Audu Blessing Opia Adeniyi Idris Hassan Oluwaseyi Oyedele Umar Adam Akinwale Abiose Elizabeth Ibebuogu

At the end of the session, participants were encouraged to join the VIBRAin Academy telegram chat: a platform where you can readily access all previous and current training resources.

VIBRAin Class Tutor The duo live sessions served as an introduction to the VIBRAin Class Tutor Program, subsequently, people interested in teaching can join the VIBRAin tutor class. The Tutor Class was established by VIBRA to encourage social learning by allowing cryptocurrency lovers and thought leaders to earn money while teaching Africa’s youth about the immense potential of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology.

Given VIBRA’s mission of empowering Africans to take control of their finances, #VIBRAinClass strives to demystify digital currency and blockchain technology. Simplifying the process so that all Nigerians, and eventually all Africans, can grasp cryptocurrency and manage their own assets more effectively.

As with live sessions, VIBRAin Class will follow a similar pattern, with the instructor teaching a class to interested participants while earning. A VIBRAin Class Tutor can earn up to $300 monthly. Crypto users are advised to enrol in the VIBRAin tutor class via this link.

Steps to becoming a VIBRAin Class Tutor - Fill out the registration form - Pass assessment - Create a teaching schedule and set a name for the class - Select courses to take - Share your course info online to attract participants - Take your class on the set date and get paid.

Terms and conditions for the VIBRAin Tutor Program can be found here

Additionally, VIBRA features a variety of opportunities such as the VB Stars, which enables users to make money while participating in the VIBRA community. VB Stars can share the VIBRA app to win referral bonuses.

Download the VIBRA app to enjoy the numerous benefits as crypto enthusiast.

With VIBRA, You are always in charge!

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