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There are three verification levels. Each level solves a limitation problem that unlocks the best of VIBRA.

Level 1: This is a default KYC, it enables you to make deposits, trade, buy and save on Vibra Level 2: This level requires you to submit your government-issued documents. For our users in Nigeria, you can quickly verify your account using BVN/NIN details, to enable you to make Crypto/Cash withdrawals. Procedures for Passing Level 2 KYC Verification Step I: Tap the avatar or your photo (if you have uploaded one) at the top left

Step II: Click Verification

Step III: Tap Next level verification

Step IV: Select your country

Step V: Go to ID type as shown in the screenshot above— a drop-down list of the needed documents for users in your country will surface. Select the one you want to use. Step VI: Input your ID number and click submit Level 3: Verify your local bank details by adding a bank account number to your Vibra registered name. This allows for selling on the P2P and gives you access to becoming a merchant on the trading platform. Step 1: Tap Next level verification Step 2: Enter your bank account details If you want to become a merchant after passing this level you can apply and a Google form will be sent to your email. Complete the form and an email containing other procedures will be sent to you. You are in charge!


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