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Socialize, Trade and Earn With VIBRA

The thrill of earning passive income as a crypto investor or trader is second to none. The vibe is still on. Get your hands on something in the in-app and stand a chance of getting rewarded.

Earn points for every activity you perform in-app. To become a knight, you must emerge as the user with the highest points.

Eligible participants include;

  1. It is open to both new and existing VIBRA users

  2. Participants must follow all VIBRA social media platforms.

  3. Join the telegram community.

  4. For new users, register here and download the App

How to Emerge the Winner

  1. A user score points for the following activities;

  2. Trade P2P to get points. You get 50pts for every 100 USDT trade. The more trades the more points

  3. Trade spots and get points. Rule no.1 applies here.

  4. Refer and earn (your referred user should make a post mentioning you as his/her referee 50pts/referral).

  5. A user gains 5 points for having posts with at least 5 engagements (comprising 1 share, 2 likes and 2 comments)

  6. A user gains 2 points for each comment and likes on the VIBRA Official or VIBRA News post

  7. Must Participate in one weekly activity or encourage others to participate (10 points for each participant and 5pts for each referral)

  8. Must make a min of 5 posts in a week (25 points max)

  9. Must assist new users at least twice a week (5 points for the most helpful comment)

Terms and conditions

  1. Must have a unique username

  2. The user with the most points emerges as the winner

  3. The winner must complete at least 5 of the above activities. You will not be nominated as the winner if your points are generated from doing just one activity.

  4. A leaderboard will be shared every Saturday. In the event that no users meet the winning criteria as stated above, participants' points will be carried over to the next week and no winner will be announced

  5. Users can only win one campaign reward within 2 weeks of the campaign (I.e no user will emerge as a Knight in consecutive weeks). If a user emerges a winner twice within this period, the user with the second highest points will be picked to win the reward.

  6. The winner will be disqualified if we notice any malicious act to compromise the result.

  7. VIBRA reserves the right to modify the terms of the activity, at any time.

  8. Rewards shall be processed five (5) weekdays after the winners have been selected and verified in line with the terms and conditions.

  9. In any event of a dispute regarding a user’s participation, VIBRA has the upper hand and final decision-making authority

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