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A great social community caters to the well-being and development of its members through active support, training, and incentives. In order to continue to give back to the community, Vibra Africa is introducing VIBRA VIBES, a reward scheme designed for our enthusiastic and loyal followers across social media platforms.

How It Works

Every Thursday at 10 am WAT, a challenge will be dropped on Twitter and run until 12 pm. Any user who engages in the VIBRA Vibes challenge will be rewarded according to the terms of the challenge of the day.

Isn’t that exciting?

Who Can Participate?

  1. New and existing VIBRA users.

  2. Users who follow VIBRA on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

  3. Actively engages all VIBRA posts on social media.

PROMO DATE: Every Thursday at 10 am WAT.

How To Participate:

  1. Follow VIBRA on Twitter and other social platforms —

  2. Be online at 10 am WAT on Thursdays to jump on the VIBRA Vibes challenge.

Terms & Conditions:

  1. This activity is open to all active VIBRA users

  2. Participants must follow VIBRA on all social platforms.

  3. Participants must visibly engage with the VIBRA brand on all social media to be chosen.

  4. All winners are chosen according to the precise terms of the challenge

  5. Rewards shall be processed five (5) weekdays after the verification of winner(s) data in line with the terms and conditions of the specific activity. Prizes are processed for only winners who pass the terms and conditions of verification.

  6. VIBRA reserves the right to modify the terms of the activity at any time.

  7. In any event of a dispute regarding a user’s participation, VIBRA has the upper hand and final decision-making authority.

You are in charge!
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