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Hurray! Nigeria adds another independent year to clock 62.

VIBRA joins its Nigerian community on this great day to celebrate the country’s 62nd Independence Day.

We at VIBRA recognise that 62 years of independence is a significant milestone in the growth of any nation. Therefore, in honour of this 62nd Independence celebration, we will reward our Nigerian users with a huge bonus.


The Independence campaign is divided into two task levels; For new users and old users

Task1 (New users): 100 new users who complete a minimum P2P trade volume of 10,000 NGN during the campaign period will receive $5 USDT.

Task2 (Old users): Vibra existing users who complete a minimum of 70,000 NGN P2P trade or 100 USDT spot trade during the promotion period will share in a $500 Bitcoin bonus pool.


All VIBRA users in Nigeria, including new and existing ones.


Start Date: Sept 27th 2022

End Date: Oct 7th 2022


  1. All participants must complete at least L2 KYC in order to be eligible for the campaign.

  2. The use of multiple accounts is highly prohibited. Users caught with such an act will be disqualified immediately.

3. Rewards will be distributed to participants on Mondays, and they will be in the following order;

  • First payout: Oct 7, 2022–50 new users receive 5 USDT reward each

  • Second payout: Oct 15, 2022–50 new users receive 5 USDT reward each

  • Third payout: Oct 15, 2022 — All qualified users for Task 2 will share the 500 USDT reward pool. This reward is capped at 20 first winners.

Note: VIBRA reserves the right to modify the terms of the campaign at any time with prior notice. Chai! See Campaigns yakata bonus as e full ground. Na VIBRA way be that. And as our ogbonge country people dey say “chop alone die (dine) alone no be the way forward” try show love…. Bring a user to VIBRA today, we go sama you bonus for that!

P.S. Do you want to participate and don’t have a VIBRA account? Have no fear, you can open an account just two clicks away. Click here to download the VIBRA app for iPhone or Android devices.

Happy Independence Day To Nigeria!

You’re in charge!

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