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How To Trade Using P2P on VIBRA

The beginner’s guide to P2P Crypto trading on VIBRA.

Cryptocurrency adoption has seen massive growth in Africa and globally. With increasing government regulation, however, P2P services are fast becoming the only avenue for acquiring crypto assets and investments. VIBRA offers a safe and secure platform for peer-to-peer trading both for new entrants to the crypto market and old hands looking to grow their portfolios.

What does P2P mean?

P2P is short for the term peer-to-peer transactions. VIBRA P2P (Peer-to-peer) is a marketplace where people can buy or sell their crypto directly with each other on their own terms, via pairing. P2P platforms like VIBRA, play a huge role in crypto transactions in African countries like Nigeria. This is due to the cryptocurrency ban by regulatory authorities in the country.

P2P in the VIBRA app

There are many benefits of peer transactions in the VIBRA app for both buyers and sellers such as zero transaction fees, multiple payment options ( including bank transfer, cash, PayPal, and multiple e-wallets), free trade adverts, and freedom to trade crypto at preferred prices. We also ensure the utmost client privacy; we do not collect information about buyers and sellers.

P2P Trading Rules:

Users’ safety is one of our top priorities, which is why we set aside some rules and procedures to protect our users.

  • Do not engage in any trade outside the VIBRA App: If in any case, your trade ends in dispute, we might not be able to recover your funds if you trade outside the App; VIBRA serves as an escrow in every trade, users funds are locked up until both parties confirm that the trade is complete.

  • Do not make/receive payments from any third-party account.

  • Only agree to meet in an open place like a mall for physical trade.

  • Do not place ads and go offline.

  • Do not share external links with VIBRA users as this will result in a permanent ban if reported.

  • Do not try to convince/suggest external P2P platforms to VIBRA users.

  • Do not negotiate the price for any reason, always search through ads for the best offers

P2P Trading Tips

Here are some tips to get the best out of each trade.

  • Always look out for ads with a good feedback rate

  • Ads with overhyped prices are most likely to be a scam

  • Check your ads regularly and stay up to date on current rates

  • Accepting more payment options will help you get more trade deals

  • Always look out for ads with a high number of trade counts.

Security Tips to help keep your VIBRA account safe from hacks

  • Enable a two-factor authenticator (2fa) for extra security.

  • Do not share your private data with anyone.

  • Release coins only after you must have confirmed payment from your bank.

  • Do not rely on SMS or screenshots from buyers, always confirm deposits with your banking App.

  • The VIBRA team will never contact you first, always be able to differentiate between real VIBRA CS and imposters.

  • Do not click on unrecognized links as they most likely result in hacks.

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