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How to Create Your P2P Ads on VIBRA

Creating P2P ads on VIBRA P2P marketplace is very simple and hassle-free. If you are here you very well must have had your own VIBRA account if not, open an account here.

Note: You can not set up an ad on VIBRA P2P if you are not a merchant. You can apply after passing your KYC up to level 3 or read our guide on how to become a VIBRA merchant.

How to set up P2P ads on VIBRA

Open your VIBRA app > Tap your profile picture at the top left corner > Tap Merchant Center > Tap Post an ad > input amount > price per unit > set your minimum buy/sell limit > set a suitable time that the order will expire if not attended to > add a payment method.

P2P Trading Tips:

Users’ safety is one of our top priorities, which is why we set aside some rules and procedures to protect our users.

  • Do not engage in any trade outside the Vibra App: If in any case, your trade ends in dispute, we might not be able to recover your funds if you trade outside the App; Vibra serves as an escrow in every trade, users funds are locked up until both parties confirm that the trade is complete.

  • Do not make/receive payments from any third-party account.

  • Only agree to meet in an open place like a mall for physical trade.

  • Do not place ads and go offline.

  • Do not share external links with Vibra users as this will result in a permanent ban if reported.

  • Do not try to convince/suggest external P2P platforms to Vibra users.

  • Do not negotiate prices with users for any reason.

  • Accepting more payment options will help you get more trade deals.

  • Always reach out to customers through phone calls, WhatsApp, telegram or chat with them in-app in the case of any dispute before appealing the case

As a merchant, here are security Tips to help keep your VIBRA account safe from hacks

  • Enable a two-factor authenticator (2FA) for extra security.

  • Do not share your private data with anyone.

  • Release coins only after you must have confirmed payment from your bank.

  • Do not rely on SMS or screenshots from buyers, always confirm deposits with your banking App.

  • The VIBRA team will never contact you first, always be able to differentiate between real Vibra CS and imposters.

  • Do not click on unrecognized links as they most likely result in hacks.

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