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To make an easy entry and exit, VIBRA P2P was set up to lower the barriers and make it easier for regular individuals to buy and trade cryptocurrencies.

However, what is a P2P Trading platform without qualified merchants to sell their crypto? This is why we have recruited and are devoted to recruiting the best merchants to ply their trade and sell their tokens on our platform! Do you have what it takes to make the cut?

Here is a list of the vital requirements for becoming a P2P merchant on VIBRA:

  1. If you want to become a VIBRA P2P merchant, your P2P wallet must have funds for successful ad posting so it can be possible to serve users who want to have their crypto or fiat swapped.

  2. During the level 3 verification, you need to prove that you live at a residential address by presenting a document or utility bill that proves the address is true.

  3. VIBRA recommends that you have a minimum of $1 USDT before applying to become a merchant.

  4. If you want to become a P2P merchant, a vital requirement is a local bank account to enable sending and receipt of payments.

  5. Add a minimum of one Account in your name to get or pay fiat currency once you complete a P2P trade. Note that other third-party or Account titles are not allowed here.

Now that you have learnt the basic requirements to becoming a VIBRA merchant you might be thinking, how do I make a profit by being a P2P merchant on VIBRA?

Below is the list of opportunities that are based on merchants' best practices;

1. You calculate your profitability.

You must establish your profit margin before you begin trading. To maximise your earnings, keep an eye on market prices while you create your pricing strategy.

2. You Can Setup Both Buy and Sell Ads

VIBRA P2P allows you to set buy and sell orders as a merchant. This will enable you to establish a spread between your buy and sell orders.

3. You Can Make it a Business of a Lifetime.

Since a business becomes successful by buying low and selling high. As a merchant, you can establish a long-term business plan that will make you profitable for a long time.

4. Aside From Being a Merchant, You Can Also Buy and Hold

The tested -and-proven HODL strategy is fine, especially if you don't engage in frequent P2P transactions. Comparatively speaking to other platforms, VIBRA P2P's availability of different payment methods and currencies will make it easier for you to simply purchase cryptocurrency and store it till it rises dramatically. To understand more about VIBRA P2P, read our blog post - How To Trade Using P2P on VIBRA

Aside from the opportunities listed above, as a VIBRA merchant, you will also enjoy the following benefits;

  1. Active customer care service.

  2. Zero transaction fee.

  3. User online status visibility.

  4. Merchant incentives

  5. And more upcoming exclusive benefits

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Note that with VIBRA you are always in charge.

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