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On the 3rd of December 2022, VIBRA’s Country Manager Hailey Yang and Marketing Director Samuel Joseph joined a host of crypto entrepreneurs, industry shapers, innovators, contributors, developers, crypto experts, enthusiasts and professionals to educate the Northern Nigerians on the importance of cryptocurrencies, underlying blockchain technology and the amazing features of VIBRA, an all-in-one crypto platform.

Crypto summit in Kano Nigeria
Bello Kano, William Phelps (Adaverse Investment Manager) and Hailey Yang (Country Manager at VIBRA)

The gathering themed; Cardano Blockchain Founders Hangout Kano, was organised by entities in the Cardano Blockchain ecosystem and in attendance were event partners, Adaverse, Bitkova, and Cassava Network, who shared insights on how to get Cardano-backed funding for startup founders, NFT use cases and advantages of crypto community in the North. Samuel Joseph, Marketing Director at VIBRA joined the Adaverse investment team and the key management personnel at Cassava and Bitkova to promote numerous opportunities across their African-focused Web3 platforms.

A picture of the attendants a few minutes before the event time

VIBRA Marketing Director, Samuel Joseph took the podium and discussed, exclusively the amazing features of the VIBRA app and additionally explained why VIBRA — the Africa-centric crypto platform is a go-to platform for all newbies and professionals alike.

Samuel Joseph, VIBRA’s Marketing Director

In his presentation, the VIBRA app was projected for full view by all the attendees and Samuel took the time to detailedly explain every icon and its uses.

Hailey showing an attendee how to use the VIBRA app

Some of our Ambassadors who were present during the event were massively helpful in organising the attendees and helping them on how to download and navigate the VIBRA app during the course of the presentation.

A cross-section of VIBRA Ambassadors and William Phelps

ABOUT VIBRA VIBRA is a state-of-the-art crypto wallet app that offers much more than just an exchange. With the VIBRA app, you can buy, sell, store, invest in crypto, grow among a community of traders, get up-to-date news in the crypto industry and become an influencer. Our vision is to improve financial inclusion for the unbanked or the overcharged and to reduce the barrier to entry and exit for crypto users within Africa and beyond. Download the VIBRA App here and join the winning club today!

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