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The race to financial freedom begins with the right knowledge, and Twitter is not left out in our passionate drive to empower Africans through crypto education on Social Media. If you are present on the bird app, here is a huge opportunity to learn and earn via Crypto Marathon, and you cannot afford to miss this!

What is Crypto Marathon? VIBRA has begun a weekly episode of crypto education on Twitter Spaces named “Crypto Marathon.” This is where both newbies and experts come together to discuss how cryptocurrency works and how to harness the opportunities that abound in the crypto industry.

The VIBRA Crypto Marathon aims at providing a learning centre for crypto enthusiasts as well as KOLs where participants can freely interact with one another, have fun, win giveaways etc. while acquiring more knowledge about crypto. Twitter Spaces present an opportunity for VIBRA to host specialist guest speakers, and KOLs virtually and dissect different topics, myths, opportunities and risks around crypto. It is an educational approach that endears VIBRA to both existing and prospective users, think of spaces as a podcast where you can have other speakers remotely. Twitter Spaces is a new feature on the Twitter app that brings together the voices of people through audio conversations in a limitless environment to drive change.

How Do I Join This Space? If you are an existing user on Twitter or a new user, log in to your Twitter app or web browser and follow VIBRA Africa account. Every Sunday at 7 pm, Crypto Marathon will commence.

🚀Date: Every SUNDAY on Twitter Spaces 🚀Time: 7–8 pm WAT

What you stand to gain as a participant During the 1hr Live discussion, the guest speaker will guide participants through understanding the basics of crypto, and how to earn from the various opportunities that abound.

Other Benefits: Giveaway Rewards of $200 USDT 20 Random people will win $10 each. Winners will be chosen from only active participants during the live session. Requirements To Win

  1. All new and existing VIBRA users can partake in this rare offering by following VIBRA official accounts on Twitter and Telegram

  2. Participants’ accounts must be verified up to KYC level 2 on the VIBRA trading platform.

  3. Be an active participant during the live session

General terms and conditions

  • Attend the crypto marathon session

  • Follow VIBRA Twitter page

  • Input your details into a form (provided on Telegram during each session)

  • Complete a P2P buy order of 10 USDT (minimum) once selected.

  • Winners will be rewarded 3 days after the session

  • VIBRA reserves the right to modify the terms of the activity, at any time.

  • In any event of a dispute regarding a user’s participation, VIBRA reserves the right to make the final.

Download the VIBRA app today to invest and trade cryptocurrencies. Follow us on our socials: Telegram | Instagram |Twitter


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