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CRYPTO BUNKER: Your Safe Space To Discuss Cryptocurrency Live On Instagram, Every Friday

Hello Vibrant

, we have curated an ideal and welcoming space just for you on Instagram where you get the opportunity to interact with Vibra Africa and other crypto enthusiasts on Instagram Live. We call this space: THE CRYPTO BUNKER What is Crypto Bunker? Crypto Bunker is a weekly session that takes place on IG live every Friday between 6 - 7 pm WAT. This space allows you to freely express yourself, listen, and be heard by like-minded people seeking a pathway to prosperity in the crypto industry. Benefits of Joining the Bunker During this Vibra weekly “Crypto Bunker” session — which is open to both existing and new users — crypto enthusiasts and newbies will be able to participate in live chats on Instagram as well as open discussions pertaining to the crypto market. Discussions, opinions, and questions about the crypto market are encouraged. As a weekly treat, Crypto Bunker will feature notable thought leaders and crypto influencers from within and outside the VIBRA Africa community to facilitate enriching perspectives on salient topics.

Crypto Bunker Giveaway Every attendee has a chance to win multiple rewards during the live session. Winners will be chosen from active participants in Q&A sessions, quizzes, lucky draws, and trivia among others.

Requirements To Win

  1. All new and existing VIBRA users can partake in this rare offering by following VIBRA official accounts across social media (Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube)

  2. Participants must be verified up to KYC2 on the VIBRA trading platform.

  3. Participants must have a funded account on VIBRA (20 USDT minimum) to qualify for the win.

  4. Belong to the VIBRA Telegram Community

🚀Period: Every Friday on Instagram 🚀Time: 6:00–7:00 pm WAT

Giveaway Rewards: 100 USDT to be won (The winners will be chosen from only active participants during the live session) Winners are automatically paid on Mondays (a list of winners will be compiled during/after the IG live activity)


  1. Follow VIBRA across all other social media platforms.

  2. Join CRYPTO BUNKER IG Live.

  3. Ensure you have a minimum balance of 20 USDT in your VIBRA wallet as that is the base qualification for any giveaways on the show.


  1. This activity is open to all active VIBRA users.

  2. Participants must be following VIBRA on all social media platforms to qualify for any rewards

  3. A winner shall forfeit the reward if the 20 USDT basic qualification is not met.

  4. Rewards shall be distributed to verified winners on the Monday following the Friday the activity took place.

  5. VIBRA reserves the right to modify the terms of the activity, at any time.

  6. In any event of a dispute regarding a user’s participation, VIBRA reserves the right to make the final.

We look forward to holding space with you on INSTAGRAM every Friday evening. Let’s TGIF together! You are the boss because #YouAreInCharge!

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