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2022 New Year Resolution: 5 Ways to Smash your Crypto Goals

It’s the first week of the year, and as many businesses resume operations following the lengthy Christmas season, the new year’s freshness lingers. For many, the start of a new year provides a chance to establish new beginnings and set new goals in areas such as personal, professional, financial, and health.

Because the Crypto space is so intertwined with time-bound factors that influence the market and investment decisions, it’s typical to create resolutions for the coming year.

Here are some tips to help you smash your 2022 goals and make it a better year for your portfolio.

1. Plan Ahead

‘If you fail to plan, you plan to fail’

Start the year with a defined path to give your crypto dreams a chance. Include cryptocurrency investing in your entire financial plan and emphasize critical measures to attain your goals. Prepare to acquire knowledge from resource platforms that offer credible crypto knowledge, and be intentional about the resources you’ll devote to your crypto journey.

How much of your income can you afford to set aside monthly to invest? What coins are you looking to buy, sell, trade or stake? How many precious minutes can you dedicate to studying the crypto market daily? What mistakes did you make in 2021 and what have you learnt from them? These are questions you should ask as you plan for the year.

2. Secure Your Bags…Literally!

Security is still a major concern for many people in cryptocurrency and even people who have less vulnerable hardware wallets may still be at risk. Take extra measures to learn how you can keep your investments secure. Ensure you only use safe and trusted crypto wallets. Be less eager to jump after new unconfirmed crypto deals on platforms that are not trusted. Only make crypto transactions on trusted exchanges like VIBRA.

3. Be an Inspiration

Despite the growing use of cryptocurrencies around the world, the topic of “how cryptocurrency function” remains a common one. Find a platform that enables you to share your knowledge and passion about cryptocurrency this year. Through the VIBRAin Academy initiative, VIBRA Africa recognises and rewards enthusiastic people who are willing to teach cryptocurrency and become active members of a crypto community with like-minded individuals who share the same vision. You just might end the year as one of the top VIBRAnt ambassadors who volunteer their time to push crypto adoption to the world.

4. Drive Adoption

A sizable portion of the crypto community consists of investors who solely trade or hold coins for future returns. However, one of the necessary catalysts for the adoption of cryptocurrency and blockchain is the capacity to make it readily accessible for mainstream use. This will be achievable if more people actively get involved in a variety of crypto-related activities beyond crypto trading.

Learning more about new applications of blockchain technology, choosing to use crypto as a means of exchange and payment where possible, staking cryptocurrency to support DeFi applications, getting involved in the Metaverse, introducing tokens to already established businesses, adding cryptocurrency as a payment option for your business, and so on are all ways to influence the growth of blockchain technology.

There is so much more to cryptocurrency beyond making quick trade profits, and you can explore more options this year.

5. Gift Someone Cryptocurrency

Give a little TLC by gifting your loved ones cryptocurrency. Some BTC or any other coin you have high hopes for will go a long way when the receiver gets huge returns shortly. Even if they are noobs and cryptocurrency doesn’t mean so much to them at the moment, it will be more valuable in the future and they will thank you for it. By doing this, you are showing a high confidence level as a crypto enthusiast, supporting the crypto ecosystem and crypto’s future by contributing to its widespread adoption.

These tips are simply guidelines to help you kickstart 2022 on the right foot; remember that there is no one-size-fits-all approach to crypto investing or trading, even the most seasoned crypto gurus don’t have it all figured out at once. At VIBRA, we crushed our 2021 goals and we plan to intensify our support for the dreams of Nigerians, promoting the mass adoption of cryptocurrency in Africa at large, by providing a safe and secure platform for Africans to take control of their wealth. Join us (iOs or Android) as we crush those goals together.

VIBRA is positioned to become the easiest and safest way for peer-to-peer crypto trading in Africa, starting with Nigeria. For more insights on how we plan to do this, follow our medium page and social media channels.

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